Turn Your Idea Into A Custom Course

Turn Your Idea Into A Custom Course

Your foundational idea is more than a book, blog, or video series. Authoritive partners with some of the most successful and highly-regarded content creators to make custom instructional products to engage with and grow your audience. Scale your idea to new heights.

Give New Life To Your Idea

Authoritive partners with you to create beautifully designed and engaging products—paired with robust sales, marketing, and customer support—expanding your reach and maximizing revenue opportunities. We use immersive instructional design and propriety technology to create world-class digital course.

Instructional Design

Reformat your idea

Our expert instructional designers will build an engaging curriculum based on your foundational idea.

Advanced technology

Harness innovation

We craft your course in the right way, whether that’s through videos or messaging. Our proprietary technology will meet your audience where they are.

Bespoke digital experience

Made just for you

Each project is fashioned for the individual creator and their audience, customized to every need.

Capturing Full Potential

At Authoritive, we take your foundational concept and reformat it to give it new life. While everyone at Authoritive loves a good book, that’s just one way to share your thoughts. Our team will apply expert instructional design and engaging technologies to your idea to capture its full potential.

Take A Look

Watch and listen to a couple of samples from some of our courses. From interviews to audio to worksheets, Authoritive can build a course that reflects your idea.

Your Confidence Code: Based on The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

This is a sample from the Your Confidence Code course, based on the best-selling book The Confidence Code, which teaches how to embrace self-assurance and banish self-doubt. The course includes 13 video lessons, 11 exercises, and 3 inspiring interviews to show how to develop confidence and enjoy more success.

Gretchen Rubin’s Outer Order Inner Calm 30-Day SMS Course

This 30-Day text-message challenge helps listeners bring order to their life each day. By completing simple tasks like organizing their desk and cleaning out their closet, listeners will bring a greater sense of calm to every part of their life.

Who We Work With

We have created bespoke courses with best-selling authors to take their ideas to the next level. Meet some of them below.

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